CAPTAIN MARVEL Directors Break Down The Train Scene and How It Was Influenced By THE FRENCH CONNECTION

If you’re a fan of Captain Marvel, you'll probably appreciate this video break down of the train chase sequence from directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. This is the scene in which Carol Danvers is chasing down a Skrull who transforms into an old woman that she punches in the face and gets in a fight with.

This is a fun action sequence and great to see what the directors were thinking when they planned and shot the scene. One of the main things that inspired this scene was William Friedkin’s classic film The French Connection. Specifically the part where Gene Hackman is chasing after someone and trying to find them on a train.

The directors also revealed that the original concept for the scene had Captain Marvel fighting the Skrull disguised as a child instead of an old woman. I’ve got to admit, it would’ve been pretty damn funny to watch Captain Marvel fight a little kid! But, they ended up changing it up to a friendly-looking old woman and it worked! But, it would have been great to see Captain Marvel punch a kid in the face.

Anyway, this is a cool little scene break down worth checking out when you get a chance just to see what was on the directors minds when they were shooting it.

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