CAPTAIN MARVEL Fan Points Out Fun Avengers Easter Egg


Now that Captain Marvel is out, the mega-fans are watching and re-watching the movie so that they can point out to us regular fans all the things we missed. One such fan took to reddit to do just that, and this catch is a pretty fun one!

But before I go on, I will throw up a quick spoiler warning for those of you who haven’t seen it yet:


If you’ve seen Captain Marvel, you know that Goose the cat was the low-key star of the show. Goose also happened to turn out to be a Flerken, a member of the alien race that looks like cats. And when Goose reveals himself, he also swallows the Tesseract, the powerful cube that has traveled through our Marvel journey with us.

This was kind of a funny thing to happen in and of itself, but now we are reminded of why that’s even funnier than we thought. Goose was not the first Marvel character who thought to swallow the tesseract:

bruce banner.jpg

That’s right, Bruce Banner joked about this exact thing back in The Avengers. When Natasha tells Bruce, “This is the Tesseract, it has the potential energy to wipe out the planet,” Bruce replies, "What does Fury want me to do, swallow it?”

I love the care that the writers and filmmakers put in to linking all these films together. They are so interwoven that you could find something new every time you rewatch the series of movies. Did you catch this Easter egg on your own? Did you catch any others? Captain Marvel is in theatres now. Go watch it again and see what you missed the first time!

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