CAPTAIN MARVEL Is Marvel's First Female-Led Film Because Executives Liked Her Most

Some people are curious as to why Carol Danvers is the hero of the first female solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why wasn’t it Black Widow or Scarlet Witch or Squirrel Girl? Well, there’s an answer from executive producer Jonathan Schwartz. Schwartz told CB:

I think if you’re going to put that on anybody’s shoulders, Carol’s are the strongest.

”She was always a character that excited us from the comic books. In all the mythology and all the characters we had to draw from, she always kept rising to the top. Her powers are super-cool, her story’s super-cool, the world she gets to take part in is super-cool. And that sort of all goes into the calculus of what the next movie going to be.

That’s right. It all comes down to which one the execs thought was coolest. There is no indication that they did any kind of customer outreach or analytics to make the call. Based on the above quote, they just liked her most. It probably helps that she’s probably the most helpful with the current predicament that is the world after the Decimation. What female Marvel hero do you think should’ve been the first to lead their own film? Keep in mind that it could not have been any X-Men character.

Captain Marvel will be in theaters on March 8, 2019.

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