Captain Marvel is Said to Be The Next Face and Leader of the MCU as we Move into Phase 4

Disney recently gave a presentation at CineEurope, and while there, they actually shared some footage promoting Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. And thanks to MCU Cosmic, we have some information to report from the event. They explain that there are a lot of fake descriptions out there, so they set the record straight with what was screened.

When talking about the Captain Marvel footage, it was explained that she would be the new face and leader of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They say the footage was "meant to introduce people to Carol Danvers. The footage shown highlighted her as a character and talked about how she would become the new face and leader of the Marvel Cinematic Universe while talking a little bit about her powers and how powerful of a character she is."

As for the Avengers 4 footage, it wasn't much. "It was basically Kevin Feige sitting in a chair talking about the movie and apologizing to the exhibitors there for there being so many fewer heroes to sell to their customers. It was a custom-made video just for the exhibitors and meant to make them laugh as the Marvel characters make them a lot of money and Feige killed most of them in the last movie. He said the remaining heroes would need to come back together as a team in Avengers Untitled."

So, the biggest news that came out of this presentation was that Captain Marvel would lead the charge in Phase 4 of Marvel Studios' plans. It makes sense. After all, she is said to be the most powerful being in the MCU, and she has the ability to travel all over the MCU from Earth to the cosmic realm, so she could technically show up in any movie to help out in some way if she's not busy doing something else. 

I just can't wait to see that first footage of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel! I have no idea when that first footage is coming, but I'll be looking forward to it! What do you all think about Captain Marvel being the new face and leader of the MCU?

Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters on March 8, 2019, followed by Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019.

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