CAPTAIN MARVEL - New Promo Features Nick Fury's Pager and We Know Who Plays The Supreme Intelligence

We’ve got a couple new Captain Marvel things to share with you today! The first is a Russian promo spot for the film that features a bit of new footage, and that includes Nick Fury’s pager. You know, the one used at the end of Avengers: Infinity War to call in Captain Marvel. I know a lot of people are excited about pagers these days!

The other bit of news I’ll be sharing with you is that we know who will be playing the Supreme Intelligence in the film. But first… watch the promo:

Thanks to a new Captain Marvel book, we’ve learned that Kree Supreme Intelligence comes in the form of a human that will be played by Annette Bening. There’s been speculation that this might be the case for some time, but now it’s pretty much confirmed.

It was also revealed in this book that the Kree may be keeping Carol Danvers' powers in check with an implant. This would make sense, especially if they are also using it to help control the heroine and keep her from remembering her past. The reason that she is reffered to as “Vers” here is because that’s what was left of her military dog tag. She won’t find out her full name until she returns to Earth to look for the answers of her past.

While this film will feature a human version of the Supreme Intelligence, I’m still hoping that we’ll still get to see the character as a green head in a jar like in the comics.

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