Captain Spider-Man Cosplay

What if instead of Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, it was Peter Parker who took up the mantle of Captain America? It would be Captain Spider-Man. This cosplay is worn and created by Dhareza Cosplayza, with assistance by Becka Noel. Dhareza's suit design is a brilliant concept that's well executed. Whats crazy is that this is his first sewing project, and it was done in only 4 days. A shield is currently under construction.

Dhareza on the suit - Via Reddit:

Template was drawn by hand in photoshop and sent to Fabric On Demand to get printed on lycra. I sewed the entire suit in 4 days. Eyes are made of Worbla and the splatter mesh is attached to the face shell via magnets. 

I can't wait to see the full suit and shield.

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