Captivating CG Animated WWI Short Film - SORT (NO MAN'S LAND)

Videos Short Film by Joey Paur

Sort (No Mans Land) is a very powerful short that comes from director David Adler. The CG animated film is set during World War I in 1916, and the story centers on two Danish soldiers in the German army. One of the soldiers has a burnt, deformed face, and the two are stranded in a bomb shelter on the Western Front. They are struggling to survive the constant bombardment of the enemy attacking from the outside. The two characters also have their own struggles within the shelter to overcome as well.

The moment I started watching this film I was hooked. It reels the viewer right in with an chilling action sequence of a battle taking place in the dead of night. It's really a thrilling sequence of red flashes and shadowy silhouettes, and the movie only gets better from there. 

The animation style and character design is unique, and the narrative is completely captivating. This is an all-around beautiful short film that I hope you take the time to watch. If you can, I suggest you watch it in the dark with the sound turned up. The film is not in English, and there are no subtitles, but you get the gist of the story and what they are saying as you watch it.

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