Captivating Trailer for Studio Ghibli's New Animated Film THE RED TURTLE

I've heard nothing but amazing things about Studio Ghibli's upcoming animated film The Red Turtle. This is actually their first international co-production in which they worked with Dutch animator Michaël Dudok De Wit to bring the story to life. As you'd expect, the animation is stunningly beautiful, and one of the things that make this movie so unique is that there's no dialogue. It looks like such an immersive and moving movie experience. This is a movie I won't be missing out on. 

Shipwrecked on a deserted island, a lone man struggles to find his place in this new world. The basics for survival are abundant yet frustratingly out of reach, and danger lurks in the smallest of crevices; every isolated grotto is also a potential grave. The man cleverly uses the forest’s resources to support his raft-making efforts, but his every escape attempt is thwarted by an enormous sea turtle who seems intent on having him stay. Enraged, he attacks the turtle, intent on killing it. What happens next is the beginning of a new chapter in the man’s life, one that will instruct him in the ways of companionship and lead him to understand that nature must take its course.

The Red Turtle has been praised by audiences who have seen it at Cannes and TIFF, and it's set to be released in U.S. theaters on January 20th, 2017.

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