Carl's Jr. Pushes For a Steven Spielberg Burger Called "Spielburgers" and The Director Responds

With Ready Player One coming out this weekend, Carl's Jr. used the opportunity to try a little marketing campaign for a Steven Spielberg themed burger. They want to rebrand their Charbroiled Sliders as "SpielBurgers" and the whole thing turned out to be incredibly entertaining!

I can't help but think that this whole thing was a planned cross-promotion thing, but then Warner Bros. and Spielberg playfully respond to Carl's Jr. saying that they're not ok with this whole "Spielburger" thing. I just love that Spielberg responds to them with a video and it's just amusing to hear Spielberg say "Spielburger".

Here are a bunch of tweets that show you how the whole thing played out...

Then there was a little back and fourth between Carl's Jr. and Warner Bros. where the studio shuts down the idea.

Then finally, Steven Spielberg responded with with a little video amusingly telling Carl's Jr. to cease and desist:

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