Carrie Fisher Kisses Fan During Her STAR WARS CELEBRATION Panel

For those of you who weren’t able to watch Carrie Fischer’s “Date with a Princess” panel at Star Wars Celebration 2015, a video of it has been released online for you to watch. Even though she didn’t really talk much about Star Wars: The Force Awakens or any of the other upcoming films, she did put on one hell of an entertaining show that is definitely worth watching.

She talks about everything from her iconic Princess Leia hairstyle to the time she and Harrison Ford went out and partied with the Rolling Stones at Monty Python comedian Eric Idle's house.

She's sure got some great stories. But one of the crazier moments of the panel happened as she took an onstage selfie with fan, when all of a sudden she engaged in a full-on kiss with him! I thought it was hilarious that the guy continued to take the selfie as she kissed him. It's safe to say that's a day he'll never forget. I embedded a clip of the kiss below, along with the full video of the panel if you want to watch it. 

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