Cartoon Evolutions of Harrison Ford and Samuel L. Jackson by Jeff Victor

Hey guys! Jeff Victor created a couple new pieces for his ongoing “Evolution” art series! These represent some of the famous movie characters played by Harrison Ford and Samuel L. Jackson. I’ll also use this as an opportunity to tell you that Victor has started a Kickstarter campaign for his awesome new art book, Adorkable, that is a must own if you're a fan of his stuff. If you want to donate and help him out, click here

For the Harrison Ford piece above, Victor says:

“This one is of one of my favorite actors of all time- Harrison Ford. His portrayals of Han Solo and Indiana Jones are legendary, but he's also an accomplished dramatic actor in such films as Witness and the Fugitive. I tried to give a good overview of his career, choosing his most iconic roles. Which is your favorite Harrison Ford movie? Lemme know in the comments!”

This is what he had to say about his Jackson illustration:

One of the undisputed coolest cats in Hollywood, Samuel L. Jackson is also one of the most versatile and powerful actors in the business. Trying to pick his most signature roles was a daunting task indeed. Which is your favorite of his roles? Let me know in the comments! 
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