Cartoon Network Orders 40 Episodes of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS Reboot

Cartoon Network has ordered 40 episodes of their revitalization of The Powerpuff Girls according to TVSeriesFinale. The episodes will be 11 minutes in length, and if they follow the original format of the show will come out to 20 full-length episodes with two episodes between intro and credits.

While fans are disappointed that original series show-runner Craig McCracken won't be involved, there's still a lot of hype for this series! Many people worry it won't be like the original series, and let's be honest, it likely won't.

Much like Teen Titans GO, this is a different generation of children. They are the target audience for this series, with us being the parents/aunts/uncles who convince them to watch the show. From what I've seen, the humor is definitely a bit different, but maybe I'll be surprised by future episodes.

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