Catherine Tate Shows Interest in Returning to DOCTOR WHO

While she doesn't think it's all that likely, Catherine Tate says she would like to see Donna Noble back in the Doctor Who universe once again. Mirror reports that in an interview with Lorraine Kelly Tate expressed interest in returning to the series and laughed at the suggestion she could be Donna's great-great-grandmother or granddaughter. Tate replied with enthusiasm for the show and its writers,

"They do tend to find really clever ways of bringing people back where you think, 'There's no way.'"

She then followed it up with a statement that she does believe that if she returned it could not be as Donna Noble.

"With my character I don't think she could because of the nature of how she left ... she sort of can't come back."

That's not necessarily true with some of the whackier story lines Steven Moffat has thrown at us the past couple years. Personally. I think Doctor Donna making a return, while impossible, would be a cool for a one off for the character. Make it like a two hour special where Donna regains her powers and sacrifices herself to save humanity in "The Year Without A Doctor."

Look at that idea... BBC, you guys still need a showrunner?

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