Catwoman Sneaks Into Sideshow's Sixth Scale Figure Line

Sideshow’s 6th Scale Figure line is known for its articulation and attention to detail, and both are present in their newest entry to the line, Ms. Selina Kyle, or as she is more commonly known, Catwoman. As is standard in these figures, all clothing and material on the suit is real, and Catwoman herself comes with a fair amount of accessories and interchangeable appendages, including 2 versions of her face, one flirty and the other a bit feisty. The exclusive version even comes with an Egyptian cat idol, probably similar to what inspired her Egyptian cat powers in that better off forgotten trainwreck of a movie.

Sorry about that. Just still irks me.

Anyway, Ms. Kyle here will retail for $189.99, but you can split that into payments as low as $63.33 a month, so you can, you know, eat and stuff after you order the thing. Regardless of how much it costs, Sideshow has recreated Selina stunningly, and this can't release soon enough. 


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