CBS Planning To Pull CW Shows Off Of Netflix

Here's some news that will suck for a lot of us. Business Insider is saying that CBS is planning to pull its CW shows off of Netflix when their contract is up in order to launch their own streaming service. This move is in coordination with the earlier announcement this year that CBS would be airing a new Star Trek series exclusively through online streaming, and is supposedly the beginning of networks transitioning to standalone streaming services.

The contract is set to end sometime this year, which means the network plans to pull Arrow, Flash, and iZombie, just to name a few. The overall plan for CBS is to create a standalone CW app for 2 dollars for people to get their fix for on demand CW. The plan seems great for cord cutters, but for those of us who even have the most basic of's essentially not necessary.

While I'm not absolutely devastated CW is pulling shows from Netflix, I think it may ultimately hurt the CW more than help it. I can't tell you the number of fringe geek friends I've had get into those shows just because they got bored one afternoon while streaming! Does this affect your Netflix experience?

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