Celebrate The 20th Anniversary of THE USUAL SUSPECTS With This SUICIDE SQUAD Mashup Trailer

This week marked the 20th anniversary of Bryan Singer and Chris McQuarrie's The Usual Suspects. The fact that the film came out two decades ago leads me to believe there might be a decent amount of GeekTyrant readers who have never seen it, so I'd highly recommend adding it to your queue of choice and checking it out as soon as possible (especially if you somehow have been able to keep the ending from being spoiled for you for all of these years).

This video, from YouTuber Demon Ape, doesn't spoil the ending, and it mashes up footage from the film with the trailer for David Ayer's DC Comics film Suicide Squad, I guess because they're both ensemble movies about criminals? The connection seems like a little bit of a stretch, but hey — at least it made me want to rewatch The Usual Suspects again. (By the way, EW has a good retrospective interview with Singer about the film you can read here.)

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