Certain Scenes in WONDER WOMAN 2 Will be Filmed in IMAX

It is not unheard of for films to be stretched to fit IMAX screens instead of using costly IMAX cameras. It’s also crazy to think that Avengers: Infinity War will be the first film shot entirely on IMAX cameras instead of going the route of some movies that will film parts using IMAX cameras. Well, the latest film to go with the latter route is Wonder Woman 2. The sequel to the first highly successful DCU film, Wonder Woman, will be using IMAX cameras for select scenes according to a recent IMAX earnings call.

I’m excited to announce that Wonder Woman 2, which comes out in the second half of 2019, will be shot with IMAX film cameras in select sequences. This Warner Brothers DC production, the sequel of the global juggernaut from 2017, is directed by Patti Jenkins and produced by Chuck Roven and Rebecca Oakley Roven. And we couldn’t be more excited that IMAX has been chosen to be a part of the film’s design.

I’m excited for this. I remember I used to be really excited to see movies in IMAX and then I learned that they’re often just stretched versions of the same movie with a bigger screen. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but when you become a poor student it definitely moves it down the priority list. However, as more movies use more and more IMAX cameras, maybe it can prove to be worth it for certain films. I imagine that in Wonder Woman 2, the IMAX cameras will be used in more of the big action scenes to make things even bigger and more captivating. I could also see them using it for some establishing shots. Do you think IMAX is worth it? Will it catch on?

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