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Who Could Die in THE WALKING DEAD Season 5?

I am just going to start this off with a SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t had a chance to finish season 4 of The Walking Dead, then I suggest that you stop reading. I am going to try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, however, if I let a few slip I don’t want you placing burning sacks of poo on my front porch. It’s not nice and I might be forced to put it out with my new boots and no one wants that. 

For those of you who have been through the muck of season 4, you know that no one is safe from being taken out. If it drives the story, the writers of TWD have no problem killing a main character off. So, let us travel down hypothetical lane and see who could potentially be killed off and why. There will be a Death Potential Scale (DPS), 1 being least likely to die, 10 being the most likely, and everything in between. Here we go!

Carl and Judith

I am starting off with the Grimes children due to the fact that I believe that they are the only safe characters in this next season. With Robert Kirkman’s ambition to keep the show going on indefinitely, the Grimes’ are the future. Will they be in danger? Yes. Will they die? Nope.

DPS: 1 out of 10


Keeping with the Grimes clan, I feel that Rick has a great risk potential this season. In fact, I think that Rick’s head is always on the chopping block, the main reasons being Carl and Judith. Rick is willing to lay down his life for anyone in the group, but he will go through hell and back in order to save his kids. If anyone or anything messes with Carl or Judith, all I can say is watch your neck. Rick’s potential to snap is also a factor in this. When we last saw Rick, he was firing on all cylinders. The gears were all in place and he basically turned into Rick the War Machine! However, we have all seen him come unglued, and the gears just weren’t fitting right, this alone raises Rick’s chances of meeting his end. Being a fan favorite is also a hindrance. The ones we love the most will hurt us the worst. All of these factors make it so that Rick is in the upper echelon of the DPS.

DPS: 6 out of 10


I see Tyreese being on the safer side of the DPS. Tyreese is a true badass! I know you are all thinking that he has the fan favorite and potential to snap factors, but I actually think these things work for him in this world. When Rick snaps it is because he cares and that guilt gets to him. Unlike Rick, when Tyreese snaps, he turns into a hammer-wielding rage monster. Dude does not give a flying f*%!  about walkers when he sees red. All he knows is survival and that works for him. Tyreese has been through a lot and I have noticed that he is able to funnel all of that hate and anger into killing walkers. His only downfall would be if something happened to Judith. Due to the recent Lizzy events, I feel that Tyreese is a little more attached to Judith than he was previously. Even with that, I see Tyreese on the lower end of the DPS.

DPS: 3 out of 10


Carol is a complete anomaly to me. She has had one of the most dramatic character changes in the show. She went from beaten down housewife to killer of walker and human alike. Carol will take out anyone or anything that she sees as a threat to humanity. This works both for her and against her. We have seen her get kicked out of the group without blinking an eye. We have also seen her complete devastation during the Lizzy incident. She knows that nothing in the world of walkers lasts forever, but she is going to do whatever it takes to ensure the post-walker society, if there is one, will be better than when this all started. Like I said before, this works for her and against her. The killing of walkers is fine, but at what point does she start looking at humans as the same as walkers? She has one of the highest human kill counts of the group. When does the group start to perceive this a threat? It is really hard to say where she will end up. She is the wild card.

DPS: 5 out of 10 


Michonne is another one that is in the wild card deck. However, I don’t see her dying anytime soon. I see her as one of the few who will bring up the future generation. She has proven in the past to be one of the most intelligent and resourceful individuals in this walker world. Having found out about the loss of her child and who her walkers on leashes were, we know she has been through the worst this new world has to offer. She knows what it takes to make it through this, and I feel that she is going to guide those around her to safety. Like the other fan favorites she will always have the potential of death, but I just don’t see that happening any time soon.

DPS: 3 out of 10

Eugene and Abraham

I see Dr. Eugene Porter and Sgt. Abraham Ford as one. No matter where Eugene goes, Abraham will be there to watch over him. This is where the split comes in. Eugene’s DPS is low because Abraham’s DPS is so high. Eugene has proven that he is not the handiest person to have in the walker world, you know this, I know this, and Abraham knows this. Abraham also believes with every fiber of his being that Eugene can bring an end to this madness. This is a very intriguing story line, but it also bums me out. We all know that the show is nowhere near where the graphic novel is, so basically all bets are off. Anyone can die at any time. I just hope that Abraham’s character will be around for a while. Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, is one of my favorite character actors. If you need convincing, watch him in Band of Brothers or Southland. He is fantastic in both. Anyway, I hope that he is going to be on the show for a long time. Unfortunately, with Eugene in tow, I don’t see that happening. Protecting someone is a very noble deed, but it is the most deadly.

Eugene’s DPS: 2 out of 10

Abraham’s DPS: 8 out of 10

Glenn and Maggie

Once again, there isn’t one without the other. I know this one is going to make some people mad, but you have to remember, this is what I think is going to happen. Purely opinion, so if you don’t agree, that’s cool. Let me know what you think. Until then, this is how I see this going. Either Maggie or Glenn will be killed in this upcoming season. I say this because they are both in the same category as Rick. They love each other so much that they will do anything to ensure the safety of the other. It is almost a blinding love that is not going to help them in the long run. Don’t believe me? How many times did you hear Maggie talk about Beth when the group was separated? Her one goal was to get to Glenn and nothing else. Yes, I know you are saying that Glenn had the same mindset, but he also helped Tara while on his quest. If you recall the tunnel, Tara was stuck and when she told Glenn to get out of there, he seriously considered it. Glenn is a good guy, one of my favorites, but Maggie is his biggest flaw. Their love is dangerous for them. As sweet as it may be, it is deadly for them. I am not guaranteeing one of them will die, I am just saying that it wouldn’t surprise me.

Glenn and Maggie DPS: 8 out of 10


Beth is dead! Ok, maybe not yet, but I don’t see her lasting long. Does anyone remember what happened to her? Swept away in a car right in front of Daryl and then never mentioned again. I was going to put her into the Expendables list at the bottom, but I feel that her story is going to be the surprise wrecking ball that will come ripping through the season. No one is ever forgotten in this world, every little action has massive repercussions later on. I feel that no matter what happens to Beth, live or die, she is going to affect the life of everyone’s favorite character. Thus I feel that her DPS is the most important in this whole thing.

DPS: 8 out of 10 


I know that this will in no way be the most popular opinion, but it has to be said. Out of all of the group I feel that Daryl is the highest on the DPS. I know that a lot of people out there really did not like the Daryl/Beth episodes of last season. I, on the other hand, really loved them. I felt that they showed how the polar opposites of the show have changed and the good it has done them. The episodes were the blossoming of who both Daryl and Beth really are. They both know that this world is survivable and they can do it together. Then the rug was ripped right out from under them. We all know that Daryl feels completely guilty for what happened to Beth. That is why he hooked up with that group of idiots. Always on the lookout for Beth, hoping that she would be around every corner. Like I said before, Beth, no matter what happens to her, could possibly be the demise of Daryl. He loves everyone in the group, but the heavy weight of losing Beth could cause Daryl to snap. I am not talking eating raw animals, talking to his dead brother kind of snapping. I am talking about the ultimate sacrifice. I am talking a sacrifice that rivals Boromir sacrificing himself to save the lives of the hobbits in The Fellowship of The Ring. Daryl will take on anyone to save the life of Beth, no matter what happens to him. He failed her once; I doubt he will let it happen again.

DPS: 9 out of 10

The Expendables

I feel that Sasha, Bob, Rosita, and Tara are all just Bantha fodder. It isn’t a question of if they are going to die, it is when are they going to die. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of these characters. They just don’t hold the weight that the others in the group do, so they can be taken out at any time. I still consider Bob to be the most sinister member of the group, thus sealing his demise in my mind. However, the others don’t mean that much to me. If they never showed up again, I wouldn’t be that sad. 

Just another friendly reminder, these are the opinions of Billy and of no one else. I have no inside knowledge of what is to come, I just like to speculate. If I have missed anything, or you feel that I am way off base, please feel free to let me know.

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