Chaos Takes Control in New WESTWORLD Poster and Viral Videos Which Leads To a New Promo


HBO sent Westworld fans on a little hunt today to uncover some new stuff promoting the second season of the series. A bunch of viral videos flooded the Twitter accounts of the cast of the series containing pieces of a puzzle. Once fans "decrypted" the tweets, they were treated to a first look at the new season 2 poster, which you can see above. 

Basically, you would just have to go to the Discover Westworld website where you would type the following to the A.I. named Aeden... "control takes chaos." Then Aiden would provide the next hint, " become strong than them." By flipping the phrase to "chaos takes control," you would unlock poster.

Then, hidden in the poster, where the desert meets the mountains, you will find a hidden code that reads 687474703A2F2F6269742E6 C792F3246447A696567.

That the code leads to a new page of the website, where you will find promo teaser that I think is narrated by a young Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) telling the hosts their new game to find the door. And there are a bunch of shots of doors opening. 

Seems to me like there may be other clues waiting to be discovered. Evan Rachel Wood's response to a fan on Twitter seems to hint we have many more surprises that are waiting to be found.

It's cool to see the Westworld creative and marketing teams are having fun with the fans with this stuff. I just can't wait to watch Season 2, which premieres on HBO on April 22, 2018.

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