Character Names Revealed for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS

Lucasfilm has officially unveiled the names of the new main characters that were introduced to us in the trailer. They made the reveal in a pretty cool way as well... They came in the form of Topps trading cards, which debuted on Entertainment Weekly. The names of the characters include:

  • The “ball droid” is BB-8
  • Oscar Isaac is Poe Dameron
  • The Sith is Kylo Ren
  • Daisy Ridley is Rey
  • John Boyega is Finn

Abrams amusingly joked, “I’m only sorry we couldn’t give everyone a stick of gum.” The director told the site that there’s a significance to the number on each of the cards. Those numbers are:

  •  #11 — BB-8 on the move
  • #53 — Poe Dameron in his X-Wing
  • #67 — Kylo Ren ignites his Lightsaber
  • #74 — Rey on her Speeder
  • #76 — Finn on the run
  • #81 — Stormtroopers prepare for battle
  • #88 — X-Wings in formation
  • #96 — The Millennium Falcon

We'll keep you updated on any other Star Wars related announcements as they break!

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