Characters in SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE React to Opponent Using Final Smash

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an amazing game, and if it weren’t for the crappy way Nintendo handled Online play, it would probably be one of the few perfect games out there.

One of the things that really makes games like this great is the attention to detail. I didn’t know about this, but a recent YouTube video pointed out that characters in the game have different reactions when they’re about to get hit by an enemy’s Final Smash.

A lot of them are essentially just widened eyes and open mouth, but there are some others. There are a handful of characters that don’t have any visible reaction like Samus and Dark Samus, but then you also have Zero Suit Samus and Bayonetta who show no reaction either, and it’s awesome. To contrast, probably my favorite is the reaction of King Dedede. I may not be a big fan of his, but this reaction is great.

Which reaction is your favorite?

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