Characters Rumored to Appear in Marvel’s IRON FIST Series

TV Iron FistMarvel by Joey Paur

Marvel’s Iron Fist Netflix seems to be moving right along. Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) has been cast in the lead role, and now it seems like the rest of the supporting characters are starting to leak out. The series starts production next month and according to The Hashtag Show, Iron Fist might be joined by the following characters:


Son and nemesis of the infamous Fu Manchu, Shang-Chi is a master martial artist who uses his exceptional skills to fight against injustice.

Colleen Wing:

Colleen Wing is a samurai and one half of the detective/bail-bond firm Daughters of the Dragon. She once dated Cyclops of the X-Men. She and Misty Knight co-own 'Heroes for Hire'.

Davos the Steel Serpent:

A fearsome an powerful martial artist and trainer of the Iron Fist legacy from the city of K'un-Lun. 

It was also mentioned that Joy and Ward Meachum will be a part of the story. They are relatives of Harold Meachum, who killed Iron Fist's father Wendell Rand. He was Harold's business partner. In the comic, Danny Rand returns to New York as Iron Fist to seek revenge against Harold.

There's no official word on if these character will be included so treat this as a rumor for now. There's also no definitive word yet on when the series will premiere on Netflix.

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