Charles Manson Movie to be Scripted by AMERICAN PSYCHO Writer

American Psycho screenwriter Guinevere Turner will adapt the 1971 book about Charles Manson, The Family, for a feature film being developed by Roxwell Films. It tells the story of Manson's life leading up to the 1969 murders of at least nine people including Sharon Tate. The writer had this to say in a statement:

“It’s exciting to explore the psychology of the young women who followed Manson. What makes a 19-year-old in 1968 follow a man to the extreme of killing innocent people for him? We all know how it ends — people die and people go to jail — but how did it get to that?”

The movie will be directed by Jonas Akerlund, who has directed concert films for musicians such as Madonna and U2. He's also directed a few movie such as Horsemen with Dennis Quaid. This is what he had to say about his latest project:

“This has long been a subject that I felt we could make into a compelling and captivating film in hopes of satisfying a country’s need to know more. … This is a tale that must be told, and we venture to create an engrossing film that accurately captures the cultural intrigue that still lingers today.”

The story behind Manson is fascinating and it should make for an interesting film. They got a talented writer to help develop it

In August of 1969, during two bloody evenings of paranoid, psychedelic savagery, Charles Manson and his dystopic communal family helped to wreck the dreams of the Love Generation. At least nine people were murdered, among them Sharon Tate, the young, beautiful, pregnant, actress and wife of Roman Polanski. Ed Sanders' unnerving and detailed look at the horror dealt by Manson and his followers is a classic of the true-crime genre. The Family was originally published in 1971 and remains the most meticulously researched account of the most notorious murders of the 1960s. Using firsthand accounts from some of the family's infamous members, including the wizard himself, Sanders examines not only the origins and legacy of Manson and his family, but also the mysteries that persist. Completely revised and updated, this edition features 25 harrowing black and white photos from the investigation. 
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