Charlie Cox Reveals The Insanely Tiny Connection Between DAREDEVIL and LUKE CAGE You Might Not Have Noticed

At this point, everyone knows that Netflix and Marvel TV's superhero shows take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While nothing in those series regularly appears on the big screen, they utilize Marvel Studios' method of crossing characters over into each other's shows to create a sense of interconnectedness and to build out a larger world on television, which will soon culminate in the upcoming crossover series The Defenders. But a new detail revealed by Daredevil star Charlie Cox indicates that even more thought goes into the shared universe than I thought.

At Wizard World Chicago (via io9), Cox explained just how serious the people at Marvel are about making connections between shows:

“One thing that I thought was really cool is that in the second season [of ‘Daredevil’], we had a scene together and in the storyline we hadn’t seen each other for a long time and it takes place at the hospital. Rosario had — Claire Temple has a cut in her eyebrow. So I was like, ‘What is that?’ Apparently it had nothing to do with our world but it’s part of ‘Luke Cage.’ The timeline had been thought through and worked out so that whatever’s going on in ‘Luke Cage,’ which we don’t know, I don’t know, somehow at some point during that show, the next day she’s in the hospital talking to me.”

I don't know if I ever would have noticed such a small detail, but I agree with Cox — that is super cool that people care that much about continuity within this universe that they're willing to think these things through that far in advance and incorporate it into filming before the other show even starts shooting. We'll see the other side of this particular equation when Luke Cage hits Netflix on September 30th.

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