Charlize Theron Says That There's an ATOMIC BLONDE Sequel in Development

I don't know about you, but I thought Charlize Theron's hardcore action thriller Atomic Blonde was an awesomely entertaining film. She went all out for that role and in the process of shooting that first film, she seriously got the crap beat out of her. She even lost some teeth in the process! It looks like she's ready to put herself through even more pain!

During a recent interview with IndieWire, all she said was "We're working on a sequel." She didn't go into any details. Just that there's a sequel and it's in development. I enjoyed the first film, so I'm totally up for a high-octane, badass sequel! 

In a previous interview, comic creator Antony Johnston talked about a possible sequel, saying:

"Everybody involved wants to do it again, from a creative point of view. All of the creators - [director] Dave [Leitch] , Kurt, Charlize - everybody wants to make another movie. It’s just a question of getting financing, getting the studio behind it, finding somebody that will sort of back it, so that we can make more. But I know that the will is certainly there on the part of the creators. And the world can stand to be developed, and the world that was built within the movie can absolutely support a number of further stories."

This whole thing is still early in development and there's no guarantee that it will happen. But steps are being taken to try and make it happen! If the movie does get made, I imagine it won't happen for at least another couple of years.

Did you like the first Atomic Blonde film and would you be excited to see a sequel?

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