Check Out Three Minutes of RINGS

We have three fresh minutes of footage from the upcoming sequel to The Ring, Rings, and they're pretty much what you would expect! I'm not going to knock the film off of just three minutes of footage, but I was really hoping to see maybe a different angle this film would take as opposed to what looks like The Ring for a new generation. 

In the first clip, we have a guy who watched the film and didn't make a copy. That means he's screwed, and the whole plane appears to be going down when it cuts off. I think it's hilarious that the girl in the video can somehow make it inside of a closed circuit television screen!

The second clip gives us the nostalgic feel of the first film when someone watches the tape and gets a disturbing call. Minus the iPhone it feels as though it was lifted from the original film! 

Rings will be in theaters this Friday. I'm not sure I'll be seeing it if there's nothing new to the story, will you? 

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