Check out Captain America's To-Do List

Reddit User LargeMaleDogOrHorse

Here's a fun little tidbit from the opening scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. During a conversation with another character from the film, whom I won't name for spoiler purposes, Steve Rogers pulls out a to do list. The guy spent 70 years frozen in ice, and he still has a lot to catch up on, so he started making a list. It's good to see he's already scratched off Star Wars. You'd think the list would be a lot longer, but I'm sure he's just taking it all one at a time. With a guy as busy as Cap, I wonder when he'll actually find the time to do it all. Maybe Captain America 3 will focus on Rogers catching up on all the things he missed over the years! 

What would you recommend to to Rogers that isn't already on the list? I'd have to put The Twilight Zone on there! And that should be at the top of his list.