Check Out MONDO's Retro Poster For Paul Feig's SPY

It may not look like much from the trailers, but Paul Feig's Spy is one of the best action comedies of all time. It's one of my favorite films of the year because it subverts the idiotic personas Melissa McCarthy often plays and gives her a chance to be competent and hilarious, and Jason Statham absolutely steals the film with a fantastic comedic performance. I would highly, highly encourage you to grab everyone you know and go see it this weekend so it performs better than the Entourage movie at the box office; it's a far better film, and we could all use a little more faith in humanity for doing the right thing.

Birth.Movies.Death points us to this cool new retro poster from Mondo and The Dude Designs, which unfortunately isn't for sale. The companies essentially just created it as a celebration of the film. It's a shame this isn't up for grabs because I'd love to hang this on my wall.

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