Check Out Some Radical Concept Art For Some BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II 2015 Technology

Check Out Some Radical Concept Art For Some BACK THE THE FUTURE PART II 2015 Technology-social.jpg

A collection of awesome concept art has surfaced from director Robert Zemeckis' Back To The Future Part II that I think a lot of fans will enjoy checking out. The concept art you see here was created by Edward Eyth and it was shared on io9, who did a lengthy interview with the artist.

The concept art shows off the designs for several of the futuristic tech. This was their vision of what 2015 would look like. While 2015 ended up being nothing like what we saw in the film, it's still cool to see how this team of creative individuals from the 80s envisioned the future.

This is what the artist had to say about his work on the film:

"I was tasked with much of the technology of Marty McFly’s condo of the future, and the personal electronics & devices that might be in common use in 2015. We were given free reign to generate ideas that would populate scenes with technology and visual elements... and often those ideas would be written into the script or integrated into the sets and scenes for actors to use. Filmmakers take a big risk when making any bold statements about how the future will play out, but Bob G. and Bob Z. set the tone for this playful, but realistic, forecast, and let the designers have freedom to fill in the blanks."

In the end, everything that they ended up using in the film worked perfectly for the film. You can click on any of the art below to see the full image. 

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