Check Out the Costumes for MY HERO ACADEMIA: THE ULTRA STAGE

It’s always fascinating to me how anime get stage plays in Japan. My Hero Academia: The Ultra Stage is the latest foray into such an adaptation and we finally have a look at the costumes that will be used.

I must say that I’m always greatly impressed with these stage play costumes of adaptations. I think they’re always a million times closer to the anime than the ones in movies. I know many of you are going to hate on them, but I think they look great. I’m especially impressed by Tokoyami. Yes, I know that’s the most hated on costume, but I am impressed with how it does look. Which costume do you think looks best? I think Uraraka and Asui are my favorites.

My Hero Academia: The Ultra Stage is set to perform at The Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo from April 12-21 and then at the Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka from April 26-29.

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