Check Out The Custom Built 1967 "Steve Rogers" Camaro RS That Robert Downey Jr. Gave to Chris Evans as a Gift

When you make a shit-ton of money from making Marvel movies over the past ten years, you can buy and do all kinds of cool stuff! Robert Downey Jr. happened to share his love of cars with his MCU co-star Chris Evans by having a custom made 1967 Camaro RS built for him, because that's what friends are for! The car is said to have a "Steve Rogers" Special Edition look and now Evans is definitely a car guy.

David Salvaggio calls the color of the car a "melted army man green" with a distressed brown leather interior that is reminiscent of the leather jacket Steve Rogers wore while fighting Hydra in World War II. 

Evans' car will be featured on an episode of Jay Leno's Garage, and SpeedKore vice president, David Salvaggio, who worked closely with Downey on rebuilding the car, revealed details about the badass ride. He says:

We've done three cars for Robert. This was actually the first one. And the whole goal of this vehicle was to give it to Chris Evans as a gift in the end.

You can watch Salvaggio show off the car to Jay Leno ahead of the next episode of Jay Leno's Garage below. Apparently, in the upcoming episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Evans will learn a little stunt driving in a car and do an "epic" burnout. The episode will air tonight on August 30th, at 10pm. 

I wouldn't mind Robert Downey Jr. building me a custom car as a gift! Check out the car in action below!

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