Looking to class up your wardrobe with a a little geek flare? Check out these Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed ties. The ties are made of 100% polyester and they come in Command Red, Engineering/Ops Gold, or Science Blue. I think I just need to get all three and cover all my bases. 

Fans whose favorite flavor of Star Trek is Next Generation and those whose favorite flavor is Voyager rarely see eye-to-eye on things (except for the fact that Star Trek is awesome). But we think they can agree on these ties. Although these say they're TNG ties, we think with the color stack they way it's set up, Voyager fans will love these, too.
These 100% polyester ST:TNG ties come in three colorways: Command Red, Engineering/Ops Gold, and Sciences Blue. They have a keeper loop on the back to keep your tie looking nice and neat when you lean over to tell Guinan something confidentially over a drink. Now that we think about it, maybe her hats had sound dampening effects. They certainly cut down on the lip reading abilities of those behind her.

If you want to buy any of these, they’ll run you $29.99 over on Think Geek.

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