Check Out This Awesome KONG: SKULL ISLAND Concept Art

Kong: Skull Island stomped into theaters this past Friday, and while it definitely has some glaring flaws (the first 20 minutes...yikes), it also has some really kick-ass moments, too. It's the type of movie that could have been legendary with a great script, but since it only has a passable script, it's just a slightly-better-than-expected creature feature with some stunning camera work and terrific visual effects. And since the visuals are the best part of the film, it stands to reason that the film's concept art would be awesome, too — and man, does it deliver.

io9 tracked down a bunch of images from concept artist Eddie Del Rio's official website, and it showcases how integral Del Rio was in crafting the look of this movie. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has talked about how he reworked the entire concept of the movie when he came on board the project, and some of the images we see in the final product were based on ideas he himself had; it's unclear whether Vogt-Roberts asked to see any of these situations specifically or if this is just the result of Del Rio pumping out possible ideas, but either way, a majority of this should look very familiar to anyone who has seen the film (except for the final two). Very cool stuff.