Check Out This Cool Marvel x MadPax Spider-Man Backpack

For some reason, I’ve found myself buying more and more geek-inspired backpacks recently. I just come across so many that I like that I have to buy them! They’ve definitely come in handy with all the conventions I attend throughout the year and all the traveling I do. Now I’ve got a new one that I’ve got to get! This is the Marvel x MadPax Spider-Man Backpack. It is available through ThinkGeek and it comes with the following description:

Spider-Man is our kind of superhero. Nerdy, shy, a little bit awkward, but great with gadgets, and fighting the good fight. Fortunately, you don't have to come in contact with a radioactive arachnid (or even a spider of any kind) to pay tribute to Peter Parker with this Spider-Man backpack.
This Marvel x MadPax Spiderman Backpack holds everything required for your secret identity, like your Daily Bugle badge, your camera, and your tablet for taking notes. You can throw whatever you need in here, which is useful because there aren't pockets in Spidey's costume (unless it's Rob Liefeld's Spidey, but we're going to just pretend like that didn't happen). Hey, look! A backpack!

The backpack can be purchased here for $84.99.

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