Check Out This Fan-Made Class Called the Slayer for D&D

Finding the right class in Dungeons & Dragons can be tricky. What’s worse is that sometimes you think of a cool idea, but there’s no clear-cut way to actually pull it off with the classes presented. Well, that’s when some creators go ahead and create their own classes. Jacob S. Kellogg created an unofficial class called the Slayer. Kellogg seems to have looked at the Ranger in the Player’s Handbook and seen it as just a Fighter and a Druid having a love child. He wanted something different but in a similar vein from what I can tell, and created the Slayer who goes on to become a Bounty Hunter, Ghostkiller, Monster Hunter, or Ninja.

Track down your enemies and put them to the blade with the Slayer, a full 20-level base class designed from the ground up. Play this class if you:

Want a spell-less ranger instead of the half-druid version in the PHB
Want to play a martial character whose INT matters
Want to create or harvest poison and not feel like a chump

You can pick up the Slayer from DMs Guild for $3.99.

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