Check Out This Marvel Fan Film - MOON KNIGHT


I’ve got a pretty cool Marvel fan film for you to check out today called Moon Knight. We’ve heard rumors that Marvel Studios has been interested in developing a Moon Knight film, but the fans aren’t waiting around for it to happen. These fans just went on and made their own short film, and it’s good!

What I love about this character is that he’s a dark and gritty character who has multiple personalities. He’s an interesting character that I would love to see Marvel play with some day on the big screen or as a series. But for now, we’ve got this fan film:

Marc Spector is a man who's been shattered into 4 separate identities who come together to become the hooded crusader of vengeance: The Moon Knight.

Steven Grant: Intrepid millionaire stockbroker, taking down organized crime from the top of the ladder. Jake Lockley: Late night taxi driver who listens to the chatter of guilty as means of gathering intel. Marc Spector: Retired mercenary and seeking revenge. Moon Knight: a mask-dawning punisher of the night.

I like how the film handles the story and character. It’s a noir style and it takes a more grounded approach with the character. It’s a slow burn kind of film that leads to a brutal fight sequence where Moon Knight faces off with a group of thugs.

The film was written and directed by Caden Butera, who says:

“I, along with all the other Moon Knight fans out there, have been dying for the character to get his debut on the big screen. He’s such an awesome & complex character; I hope one day he’ll hit the limelight.”

Check out the fan film below and let us know what you think!

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