Check out This POKEMON/STAR WARS Mashup Art Series


The Pokemon franchise has been mega popular since its debut in the late 1990’s. Star Wars has been great since the 1970’s. What do these two franchises have in common? Awesome creatures abound. Star Wars is the home to hundreds of races and species and animals that help the world come to life. Pokemon has around 800 different monsters to collect and trade. So, what happens when you combine Pokemon with characters from Star Wars? You get Poke Wars. The guys over at combined creatures and characters from Star Wars with the pocket monsters to give us some fantastic results. Tediwicket combines Teddiursa and Wicket for even more cuteness. Jabba the Hutt becomes Jabba the Muk to look even slimier. Which of these mashups is your favorite? What mashups do you want to see?

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