Chloe Moretz Gives Up on Hit Girl and KICK-ASS 3 Thanks to Movie Pirating

With the comic book run of Kick-Ass 3 concluded, fans have been wondering if we will ever get another sequel to the film franchise. According to Hit Girl herself, Chloe Moretz, a Kick-Ass 3 movie isn't going to happen. She has given up on the character she so awesomely portrayed, and the franchise that fans have enjoyed. She was asked about the movie in a recent interview with Digital Spy, and this was her reply:

"Sadly, I think I'm done with the character. Hit-Girl was a very cool character, but I don't think there will be any more movies. You make these movies for the fanboys, but nowadays everyone seems to pirate them rather than watch them in the movie theatre. Kick-Ass 2 was one of the number one pirated movies of the year, but that doesn't help us because we need box office figures. We need to prove to the distributors that we can make money from a third and a fourth movie - but because it didn't do so well, we can't make another one."

Moretz violently sliced her way into the hearts of fanboys everywhere back in 2010, and it's kind of a shame that we won't see her play this amazingly awesome character again. It sucks that Kick-Ass 3 won't get a movie adaptation, but at least we have the comic book. 

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