During the Avengers: Age of Ultron press junket, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner got in a bit of trouble when they jokingly referred to Black Widow as a "slut" and a "whore" in one of the million interviews they did with various press outlets (you can see the video below). They've since issued apologies, but that's not really the focus of this piece. I wanted to talk a little about some of Evans' comments later in the interview, mainly what he said about potentially returning to the Marvel universe after the two-part Avengers: Infinity War.

(There will be potential spoilers for all future MCU movies and Age of Ultron from here on out. You've been warned.)

Digital Spy asked Evans about comments he made last year that indicated he'd be stepping away from acting, and apparently those comments were taken out of context:

"I gave an interview once where I said I was gonna try and focus a little more on directing, and that's true, it's what I'm excited about right now. But acting is still... I love acting, in no way am I walking away from acting. With [Captain America], it's a matter of whether or not Marvel wants to keep knocking, but my contract is up after the last Avengers movies."

Big surprise, right? "Actor open to the possibility of making more money." But the overarching storyline that Marvel may be playing with might be at odds with that.

There's been some speculation that Steve Rogers would be killed in Captain America: Civil War, leading Bucky Barnes (aka the Winter Soldier) to take over the Captain America role and Evans to somehow return in Avengers: Infinity War. It remains to be seen what Marvel's plans are after the dust settles following the blow-out with Thanos a few years from now, but I suppose it's possible that Evans could come back for more Cap adventures. He's not going to be able to play that character forever, though, and it seems like Bucky taking over is a natural passing of the shield. What do you think?