Chris Evans Set to Star in the True Life Spy Drama RED SEA DIVING RESORT

Captain America star Chris Evans is set to star in a spy thriller based on the true life events of the Israeli spy agency’s effort "to rescue and bring home Ethiopian Jews that were trapped in Sudan in the late 1970s and early 1980s."

According to THR, Evans will take on the lead role of Ari Kidron, "an agent who puts together a team that took over a deserted resort in Sudan as they began their multiyear mission." So this time around he'll be playing a true life hero. This sounds like it will be an intriguing and intense story. 

I love Evans in the role of Captain America, but it's always nice to see him take on roles in films that he's really passionate about, like this one. Most of the other films he's involved with outside of Marvel are smaller, more intimate movies. They may not be big budget superhero films, but they always tend to be great movies worth checking out.

The next non-Marvel film he has coming out is called Gifted, and it comes from the director of The Amazing Spider-Man and 500 Days of Summer, Marc Webb. He's currently shooting Avengers: Infinity War, which is rumored to be the last time we see him in the role of Steve Rogers.

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