Chris Evans Talks About Captain America’s Beard


One of the things most noticed about the promotional posters and the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is that Steve Rogers has a beard. According to THR, it was mentioned 20,474 times in its first 24 hours of the trailer's release. I’m sure by now that number is a lot higher. Well, Chris Evans was kind enough to sit down and talk to Thirst Aid Kit (the conversation with Evans starts around the 28-minute mark) about the beard. They asked him about his thoughts about the beard in general, his reaction to fans talking about the beard, and how long it takes to grow it. Here’s his response:

Well that’s good. That’s good, because I like it too. I mean, I usually live my life with a beard. I’m not a huge fan of shaving, and it just provides a little bit of anonymity at times. I was really excited that the Russos and Marvel were willing to kinda give that look a shot. I think it’s cool! I think it kind of changes things up. We’ve seen Cap the same way so many times. He’s such a throwback, he’s such a classic. It kind of gives him a little bit of a modern vibe.

It actually grows pretty quick, luckily. I think I can get a pretty full beard in maybe a month, maybe three to four weeks.

I think the beard looks great and given the end of Captain America: Civil War, I think it’s fitting. He basically becomes an outcast at the end of the movie and seems to go into hiding. Many fans are speculating about deeper meanings to the beard, but I don’t think there’s much to it. Do you have a theory about why he has a beard? Do you like his new facial hair?

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