Chris Evans Thinks a BLACK WIDOW Movie Would "Clean Up" at the Box Office

Pretty much every film fan on Earth agrees that a Black Widow solo movie from Marvel Studios would make some serious bank at the box office — and that includes Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

The actor was asked by Elle why that hasn't happened yet, and he responded:

“That’s a good question. It would really just clean up, wouldn’t it? Scarlett [Johansson] is so good at everything she does. She’s played such a crucial part in the other films. She always makes her presence so felt — even when there are 50 different superheroes running around onscreen. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens at some point in the future. I’m sure Scarlett would be open to it.”

Now, granted, just because a movie would obviously pull in a lot of money doesn't mean that should be the sole reason it gets made. But with the talented writers Marvel has access to, and considering how long fans have been clamoring for a Widow movie, it's starting to look like Kevin Feige and the studio are actively avoiding it rather than it just not organically working out. We'll see if the film is finally announced sometime in the next Phase of movies.

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