Chris Hemsworth Almost Played Gambit in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and Duke in G.I. JOE

Before Chris Hemsworth landed the part of Thor for Marvel, he was up for all kinds of other roles in Hollywood. Hemsworth wasn’t the big star that he is now and he was just looking for the big break.

During a recent interview with Variety, the actor shared that two big roles he was up for were Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Duke in the G.I. Joe. He actually almost landed these roles before Taylor Kitsch and Channing Tatum snatched them up.

I think Hemsworth dodged a bullet with these, but at the time losing these roles was hard for him. He explains:

“I got very close to ‘GI Joe. I got very close to Gambit in the Wolverine ‘X-Men’ movies. At the time I was upset. I was running out of money. But if I played either of those characters, I wouldn’t have been able to play Thor.”

So, there ya go. Everything worked out for him in the end, but as a struggling actor losing out on roles like that, I can understand it would be hard. But, now he’ll never have to worry about that again.

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