Chris Hemsworth Calls THOR: RAGNAROK "One of the Best Experiences I've Ever Had"

 It would appear Chris Hemsworth is just as hype as the rest of the world when it comes to the release of Thor: Ragnarok! CBM writes the actor had high praise for the film, particularly director Taika Waititi...

"It was one of the best experiences I've had, he's incredible. If you've seen any of his films, they give you an indication of the tone of what this is going to be, which is very different to what we've seen before."

That's good to hear as I personally always thought the Thor films could be better than they have in the past. 

Hemsworth had little to say about Avengers: Infinity War, though, as he still hasn't received a script even though he's supposed to be on set in a couple weeks! Hemsworth indicates that's not surprising and that it's just what Marvel does. Seeing as he wasn't present in Civil War, I have to wonder how large his role will be in the upcoming ensemble film. 

Finally, Hemsworth commented that he would indeed be returning to the Star Trek films where he will reprise his role as George Kirk. He didn't say much other than the fact that he's spoken to J.J. Abrams and said his pitch for the film is "amazing."

Sounds like Thor has some good stuff coming his way on the horizon, and I'm excited for all of them! I'm especially curious how Kirk's father will be brought back into the series! Let's hope it's one of those weird dimensional crossovers and not some throwaway flashback scene!

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