Chris Hemsworth has Launched a Fitness Program Called Centr

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most fit celebrities out there. He looks absolutely amazing! A lot of that comes from eating right and exercising. Well, Hemsworth now wants to help others have access to some of the same tools he’s had. To do that, he started up Centr which gives everyone access to the team he uses to stay in shape. This video was released to announce the launch of Centr:

If this is something you’d like, you can sign up for Centr for as little as $16 per month and if you join before it launches in February, you’ll get 20% off all subscriptions ever. At least, that’s what the site says. You can also do a 3-month subscription for $38 or for $96 you can get a full year. You can also follow Centr on Instagram.

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