Chris Hemsworth Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photos from His Netflix Action Film DHAKA

Chris Hemsworth is currently in India filming his newest film Dhaka with director Sam Hargrave and he’s shared some pictures on social media for everyone to see.

What’s remarkable is that this is Hargrave’s directorial debut. Before this film, he was the stunt double for Chris Evans on the MCU films. However, with Evans reportedly being done with the role, it sounds like that frees up Hargrave as well so that he can pursue this new project with Hemsworth.

Hargrave and Hemsworth aren’t the only MCU vets either as Anthony and Joe Russo have writing and producing credits on Dhaka.

Dhaka is an action-packed drama about a worn-out mercenary named Rake (Hemsworth) hired to save the son of a businessman who has been kidnapped in the titular city in Bangladesh.

No release date for Dhaka has been given, but it will be available on Netflix when it releases.

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