Chris McKay Offers Update on His NIGHTWING Film and You Can Help Him Cast The Character

Last we heard about Nightwing, Dacre Montgomery from Stranger Things was trying to get the lead role. Well, we still don’t have a name yet, and that could be because director Chris McKay hasn’t chosen anyone yet. In fact, he is asking fans on Twitter to help cast the character.

Now, he’s not giving us any names of people to choose from, nor is he asking for actors; what he is asking for though is for people to describe the singular most important quality the character has, and then you can vote for one of four attributes for the actor to have. That’s pretty cool. Not many directors are asking this kind of input from fans, but then again, asking the Internet isn’t always the best thing. Remember Boaty McBoatface?

In addition to McKay asking for some help, we also have found out that the script is almost done. In another tweet he gave us this news:

I’m hesitant when it comes to Nightwing. I want it to be a good movie, and I hope they find the right actor for it. I am just hesitant because of DC’s current track record with their films. I’m hoping that with the changes made to the organization of the studio that things will improve. Who should they cast to play Dick Grayson?

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