Chris McKay Shoots Down Rumors that Zac Efron Would Be Dick Grayson in NIGHTWING

Some rumors have been flying around that Zac Efron was confirmed to be playing Dick Grayson in Chris McKay’s Nightwing. It appears many heard the rumor from voice actor Jon Bailey who tweeted:

A fan was curious enough, that they asked McKay on Twitter. McKay responded simply:

I think it’s safe to assume that it will be a while before we hear any official announcements about this movie. That being said, McKay only denied that Efron was confirmed as Grayson. It is possible that he is still in the running to play the character. Who do you want to play Dick Grayson? Efron and Dacre Montgomery seem to be at the top of everyone’s minds for the role, but is there someone else that you’d love to see in the role?

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