Chris Pine Fights For Justice and Freedom in Epic New Trailer For OUTLAW KING

We’ve got another awesome trailer to share with you for Netflix’s upcoming historical epic Outlaw King. Chris Pine takes on the role of Robert The Bruce a.k.a. The King of Scotland and it tells the untold story of how he united the country as he fought for freedom and justice.

The movie is set in the 14th century, which is same era of William Wallace, which is the story that Mel Gibson told in his film Braveheart. If you liked that movie, you’ll most likely enjoy what Outlaw King has to offer. Chris Pine even gives badass motivational battle speech to his army!

Outlaw King comes from Hell or High Water writer and director David Mackenzie and it looks like an epic movie! This looks like the kind of film that needs to be seen on the big screen, so thankfully, it will get a limited theatrical release.

The story is set during the brutal period between when Scotland was at the knees of King Edward I of England. Here's the synopsis:

The untold, true story of Robert The Bruce who transformed from defeated nobleman, to reluctant King, to outlaw hero over the course of an extraordinary year. Forced into battle in order to save his family, his people and his country from the oppressive English occupation of medieval Scotland, Robert seizes the Scottish crown and rallies a ragtag group of men to face off against the wrath of the world's strongest army lead by the ferocious King Edward 1 and his volatile son, the Prince of Wales.

Outlaw King also stars Florence PughTony CurranStephen Dillane, and Billy Howle. It will premiere on Netflix and opens in select theaters on November 9, 2018. I’m excited about seeing this movie!

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