Chris Pratt Trains Raptors in New JURASSIC WORLD Images

Jurassic World is another one of this year's blockbusters that seems to have garnered a significant amount of mixed response from fans online. I've seen people who thought the first trailer was awesome, and others who were almost completely turned off by it. (If you're worried about the CGI, I'd wait until you see the movie because it's almost certainly going to improve.) We've seen a decent amount of footage and images from the movie already, but Empire (via CBM) has a few new ones for us. In the bottom right corner of the image above, you can barely make out that Chris Pratt's raptor trainer character's name is Ranger Owen, which I believe is the first time we've heard that information.

And hey, even if you hate these, there's always that awesomely senseless parody video to watch over and over again. Jurassic World debuts on June 12th, 2015.

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